Friday, April 10, 2015

TV Quote of the Day (‘SNL,’ With the Possible Origins of Jeb Bush’s ‘Hispanic’ Status)

(In their third debate, monitored by Jim Lehrer, Al Gore and George W. Bush take questions at a town hall forum. The GOP candidate’s father, former President George W. Bush, has already tried unsuccessfully to inject himself into the contest, but he remains resourceful.)

Debate Moderator Jim Lehrer (played by Chris Parnell): “Next, a question for Governor Bush, from Mr. Jorge H.W.B.”

Former President George Bush (played by Dana Carvey): [now reappearing, disguised in Mexican garb with his Secret Service Agents] “Well, as an undecided Latino voter - mi English unbiquito here - but I'd like to ask Governor Bush here.” [Turning to his son, Gov. George W. Bush, played by Will Farrell.] “Didn't that last question seem a little biased? A little skewed? Not totally on the level? That last fellow - possible shill...possible Democratic operative over there…”

Lehrer (annoyed): “President Bush, please!!!”

George Bush: [takes off his hat] “Alright, Jim. Just trying to even things up, level that playing field. Won't happen again.”—Saturday Night Live, Season 26, Episode 3, Oct 21, 2000, Opening Skit

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