Monday, August 26, 2013

Photo of the Day: Dog Day of Summer

Pity this poor canine—or not. It had a long day, but it was Dogfest, “a day to celebrate dogs and the people who love them,” held at Westvale Park in Westwood, NJ, about a 25-minute drive from where I live in Bergen County, NJ.

I came upon this festival right after it was over, at 3 pm in the afternoon. This pooch looks tired, but it was undoubtedly from all the attention it was getting. Still, because this was still summer, and you can never tell, even at this point, how heat and humid it can get, there was a splash-down tent where the dogs could cool off.

I see that this particular event included a canine talent show. I don’t know what the other competitors were like, but in my opinion, this particular dog could do no wrong, whatever it set its mind to.

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