Sunday, February 24, 2013

Photo of the Day: Lone Boatman

The last several weeks, with all the snow, cold and rain, haven’t been conducive for exercise. (I don’t count shoveling a foot of snow without pay as exercise—it’s more like murder on the back.) This weekend, once the skies cleared, I couldn’t wait to get out, even for less than an hour, and walk around in Overpeck County Park, near me in Bergen County, N.J.

Most of the people within view were, like me, walkers, with a few even joggers. But I had to applaud the kayaker in the picture I took here. Last year, The New York Times, at the height of spring, termed Overpeck Creek “the newest hot spot for rowing in the New York metropolitan area.”

I guess this kayaker felt he couldn’t wait another few weeks for this “Rowing Paradise” to arrive. He decided to enjoy this Eden by himself this weekend. Well, as long as he’s prepared for anything…

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