Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quote of the Day (Albert Camus, from Newspapers’ Heroic Era)

“A free newspaper can be assessed by what it says but also and equally by what it doesn't say. This completely negative freedom, if it can be maintained, is by far the most important of all, for it prepares the way for the arrival of true freedom. Accordingly, an independent newspaper gives the sources of its news, helps its readers evaluate what it reports, rejects brainwashing, suppresses invective, augments the standardized presentation of news with commentaries, and, in short, serves the truth within the human limits of its possibilities. However relative those limits may be, they will at least allow such a publication to refuse to do what no power on earth can make it accept: to serve lies.”—Nobel Prize laureate Albert Camus, from article dated November 25, 1939, for his Algerian newspaper Le Soir republicain but censored by French authorities; subsequently published in Harper’s Magazine, July 2012

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