Monday, May 18, 2009

Song Lyric of the Day (The Kinks, on “Better Things”)

“Here’s wishing you the bluest sky,

And hoping something better comes tomorrow.”—“Better Things,” written by Ray Davies, performed by The Kinks, from the LP Give the People What They Want (1981)

Yesterday I heard this song, after a too-long absence (for me, anyway), on the radio again, and, as it never fails to do, it immediately lifted my spirits, as does another Davies-penned tune, The Pretenders’ “Stop Your Sobbing.” It seemed a good walk to start the workweek with this.

(The photo is another one I took at Edgemont Memorial Park in Montclair, N.J.)


bjn2727 said...

For an excellent cover of the song check out the version by Dar Williams.

MikeT said...

I have it on my iPod.