Friday, May 29, 2009

Movie Quote of the Day (“Get Shorty,” on the Hard Life of an Actress)

Chili Palmer (played by John Travolta): “You had a bad day, huh?”

Karen Flores (played by Rene Russo): “I spent all day crawling out of a grave. The director said that I was incapable of reaching the emotional core of the character.”

Chili: “What? Well, obviously he didn't see you in Bride of the Mutant.”

Karen: “You saw that one?”

Chili: “When you turn to the alien mother, and you tell her that her time on earth is finished, Joan Crawford, on her best day, wishes that she had, in her day, the emotion and the intensity that you brought to that scene.”—Get Shorty (1995), screenplay by Scott Frank, based on the novel by Elmore Leonard, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld

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