Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Quote of the Day (Filmmaker Richard Linklater, on ‘Ourselves at Different Times in Our Lives’)

“I’m passionate about more things in the world. I care about more things, and that serves me. The most fascinating relationship we all have is to ourselves at different times in our lives. You look back, and it’s like, I’m not as passionate as I was at 25. Thank God. That person was very insecure, very unkind. You’re better than that now. Hopefully.”—Screenwriter-director Richard Linklater, 63, quoted by David Marchese, “The Interview: Richard Linklater Is Glad He’s Not His Younger Self,” The New York Times Magazine, June 9, 2024

The image accompanying this post, showing Richard Linklater after the press conference for hid film Before Midnight, was taken Feb. 11, 2013 by Siebbi.

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