Friday, March 1, 2024

TV Quote of the Day (‘Seinfeld,’ As A Hat and Newman Come Between George and Romance)

[An attractive passerby named Sheila stops and asks]:

Sheila [played by Shannon Cochran]: “What's going on here?”

George Costanza [played by Jason Alexander]: “Oh, this guy tried to sneak into my space.”

Sheila: “I really hate people who do that. I hope you don't let him get away with it.”

George: “Well, thank you for your support.”

Sheila: “Hey, that's a great hat.”

George: “Really? You like it? I got it at a flea market today.”

Newman [played by Wayne Knight]: “Hey, George, nice hat.”

George: “Yeah, thanks.”

Newman: “Can I try it on?”

George: “No! It, uh, it wouldn't fit you.”

Newman: “Well, sure it would.”

George: “No! Get out of here, Newman.”

Newman: “Come on, let me try it on.”’

George: “No, Newman, stop it.”

Sheila: “Let him try it on.”

George: “I don't want him to!”

Sheila: “What is wrong with you?” [She begins to walk away.]

George: “You wanna see?!” (pulling off the hat to reveal the bald pate) “There! There it is!” (turning to Newman) “Alright, here! You wanna try on the hat?! Here! Try on the hat!” Seinfeld, Season 3, Episode 22, “The Parking Space,” original air date Apr. 22, 1992, teleplay by Larry David and Greg Daniels, directed by Tom Cherones

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