Friday, May 12, 2023

TV Quote of the Day (‘The Andy Griffith Show,’ On Whether Opie Wrote Graffiti on a Bank Wall)

Sheriff Andy Taylor [played by Andy Griffith]: “Uh, Opie, Barney says there was a poem written on the wall of the bank and that you was standin' along beside of it with a piece of chalk in your hand.”

Opie Taylor [played by Ron Howard]: “Yeah, but I didn't do it, Pa. Honest.”

Andy: “I believe you.”

Deputy Barney Fife [played by Don Knotts]: [angrily] “Are you pittin' your crime detectin' judgement against mine?”

Andy: “Well, Barney, I have to, because, for one thing, Opie wouldn't lie to me.”

Barney: “You call that evidence?”

Andy: “And for another, he ain't learned how to write yet.”— The Andy Griffith Show, Season 1, Episode 7, “Andy the Matchmaker,” original air date Nov 14, 1960, teleplay by Arthur Stander, directed by Don Weis 

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