Saturday, October 15, 2022

Quote of the Day (Dave Davies, on the Rocky Genesis of a Kinks Classic)

“I never thought that song [“Dedicated Follower of Fashion”] would lead anywhere when he [brother Ray Davies] brought it along – it sounded overly frivolous to me, and we went through hell trying to finish a take. Ray couldn't find a way of realising the sound he had in his head, nor communicating what he wanted to the rest of us. We tried different combinations of guitars, and even a version with barrelhouse piano. But none of this satisfied Ray, and eventually we stumbled towards a solution through trial and error. The folksy mood of those earlier attempts did not necessarily make for a clean fit with Ray's sardonic lyric and it was decided that the guitars needed to be clanky and mechanistic, like George Formby's cheeky ukulele sound, then – bingo! It worked.”—Kinks lead guitarist Dave Davies, Living on a Thin Line: The Autobiography (2022)

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