Monday, September 26, 2022

Quote of the Day (Hugh Grant, on His ‘Horrible’ Experience as a Film Producer)

“I did a bit of that [producing], and it’s actually horrible. I don’t know if you’ve done it, but it’s like driving a car from the back seat. You’re just tearing your hair out while someone else is driving, saying, ‘No, no, no, slower, go right.’”—English actor Hugh Grant quoted in Lacey Rose, ““No One Wants to Be the Good Guy’”:Hugh Grant, Richard Madden, Billy Porter and The Hollywood Reporter Drama Actor Roundtable,” The Hollywood Reporter, June 5, 2019

(The image accompanying this post, of Hugh Grant at a charity fundraiser held in South Bank, London, was taken Mar.15, 2011, by Julien Rath. Judging from Grant's smile, his producing experience was long behind him by this point.)

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