Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Photo of the Day: Petting Zoo, Caribbean Festival, Englewood NJ

On Sunday morning, approaching the railroad tracks in my hometown of Englewood, NJ, I saw booths being set up for 50 assorted food, merchant and informational vendors for a one-day Caribbean Festival. It was a good opportunity for many people to promote their work, I thought, in a time when COVID-19 has crimped that chance.

For the families streaming through the space on Depot Square, it was also a nice way to experience a beautiful day without driving too far, with games and music also coming from the booths.

But a bit farther on, I came upon this petting zoo. More decades than I want to admit have passed in my life, but the sight of these creatures that I photographed reawakened in me a child-like sense of wonder that I thought not merely dormant, but maybe even dead at times.

Judging from the kids lining up around the enclosure in no time, I think today’s generation had a similar reaction. Who says you knew electronic games to have fun?

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