Friday, August 6, 2021

Movie Quote of the Day (‘Murder, She Said,’ As Miss Marple Detects a Family Resemblance)

[Working “undercover” as a maid at the estate of crusty Luther Ackenthorpe, Miss Jane Marple discovers a precocious youngster hiding behind the curtain that separates her room and the lumber room.]

Miss Marple [played by Margaret Rutherford]: “You're Miss Emma's nephew, I presume?”

Alexander Eastley [played by Ronnie Raymond]: “Yes, Alexander Eastley. How do you do?”

Miss Marple: “How do you do? I'm Jane—Jane Marple.”

Alexander: “Yes... it is disappointing, isn't it? I'd hoped for a Jayne Mansfield.”

Miss Marple: “You have much in common with your grandfather.”— Murder, She Said (1961), screenplay by David Pursall and Jack Seddon, adapted by David D. Osborn from the Agatha Christie novel 4:50 From Paddington, directed by George Pollock

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