Saturday, March 6, 2021

Quote of the Day (Cameron Crowe, on Meeting Lou Reed on His First Night in NYC)

“In 1973 I got an assignment from Rolling Stone to cover Todd Rundgren, and was flown to New York City. On the first night there, a publicist for RCA Records offered to take me to Max’s Kansas City. And it was like a dream straight out of Creem Magazine—Lou Reed was sitting there. I was probably a little too eager to meet Lou, and my friend the publicist informed him that I had written the current Rolling Stone cover story on Jackson Browne. ‘Did you read it?’ the publicist asked. Lou indicated that he had, and that he was deeply unimpressed both by the article and the whole exercise of having to meet me. I believe I mentioned I was also an acquaintance of [critic] Lester Bangs—which might have put a crease or two in the proceedings. I remember leaving, and the publicist said, ‘You didn’t meet Lou on a good night, but you’ll always be able to say that on your first night in New York you met Lou Reed.’”—Former teenage rock journalist—and future Oscar-winning screenwriter-director—Cameron Crowe, quoted in “Behind the Red Rope,” Classic Rock Magazine, February 2006

(Photograph of Lou Reed taken in Malaga, Spain, in July 2008, by Marcelo Costa.)

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