Sunday, May 10, 2020

Quote of the Day (Keira Knightley, on Motherhood)

“Birth is just the beginning of it…. Then the sleep deprivation, and the sleep deprivation when your body is ripped to pieces and you're still trying to heal. And you've got a small being that is entirely reliant on you. And we live in a society where you're meant to pretend that you're able to do that, and you're fine, and you're on top of it."—Actress Keira Knightley, quoted in Emma Jacobs, “Fame. Tricky Thing to Navigate,” The Financial Times, Mar. 7-8, 2020

Childbirth alone, the actress says, is “what no man can in any way physically understand, can comprehend in any physical way, or emotional way, or hormonal way. And it's stories that we don't tell. Partly because our storytellers are men.” Being a first-time mom, she concludes, is “difficult and wonderful.”

Thanks to her—and the other mothers out there—for enduring this “difficult and wonderful” process. Let’s hope that more of you will tell your stories.

Oh, yes—and Happy Mother’s Day!

(The photo of Ms. Knightley was taken at the Anna Karenina World Premiere in London, Sept. 4, 2012, by Paul Bird. The source is Ms. Knightley.)

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