Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Quote of the Day (Woody Allen, on the Keaton Females)

“We [Allen and Diane Keaton] never fought and would work together many times in the future. In time I dated her beautiful sister, Robin, and we had a brief romance. After that I dated her other beautiful sister, Dory, and we had a little fling. The three Keaton sisters were all beautiful, wonderful women. Good genes in that family. Award-winning protoplasm. Great-looking mother.”—Writer-director-actor Woody Allen, Apropos of Nothing: Autobiography (2020)

It seems that there’s a movie that Mr. Allen never quite got around to making. It would have been called “Woody Does Diane And Her Sisters.” And let’s not even talk about Mrs. Robinson—I mean Mrs. Keaton.

Please excuse me while I barf now…

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