Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Quote of the Day (Edward Hoagland, on City Walking)

“[I]f you ask people who have some choice in the matter why they live in a particular neighborhood, one answer they will give is that they ‘like to walk.’ Walking is a universal form of exercise, not age—oriented or bound to any national heritage, and costs and implies nothing except maybe a tolerant heart. Like other sports, it calls for a good eye as well as cheerful legs—those chunky gluteus muscles that are the butt of mankind’s oldest jokes—because the rhythm of walking is in the sights and one’s response as much as simply in how one steps.” —American essayist-novelist Edward Hoagland, "City Walking," New York Times Book Review, June 1, 1975, collected in Heart's Desire: The Best of Edward Hoagland: Essays from Twenty Years (1988)

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