Sunday, January 31, 2016

Photo of the Day: Stopping by Snowy Woods and a River

As mid-afternoon approached today and the temperatures started to climb where I live in Bergen County, NJ, I figured that I would be able to do a decent amount of walking, as well as get a nice backdrop of melting snow by the Saddle River in Ridgewood. 

I did not expect to be in the foreground of any photo until a fellow walker, noticing me snapping one shot after another, kindly asked if I might want to be in one. Though this shot focused on me, dozens of people –perhaps still a bit stir-crazy from last weekend’s storm—were out today on the path next to the river, and later this week I'll include them among these photos.


Unknown said...

Hi, Mike:

I lived in Ridgewood from 1969 to 1988 - and always have especially fond memories of that park. As a long time City resident now- I always remember an older woman's comment: a little bit of green - helps! Best, Matt

MikeT said...

Hi Matt, Thanks for the comment. I can see why you would have fond memories of this place. Mike