Wednesday, August 8, 2012

TV Quote of the Day (Chelsea Handler, on Kristen and Rob)

"Kristen Stewart cheated in the afternoon because she knows Robert Pattinson can't be outside in the daytime."—Comedian Chelsea Handler, explaining on Chelsea Lately how Stewart had the opportunity to canoodle behind the back of boyfriend (and Twilight co-star) Pattinson, quoted in “Sound Bites,” Entertainment Weekly, August 10, 2012

Sure, in their day, Elizabeth Taylor and Ingrid Bergman were denounced as homewreckers, but did they ever get laughed out of town the way Kristen Stewart seems to be right now?

Chelsea Handler was only the beginning. Early on, Kathy Griffin advised Stewart to, in effect, satisfy the sexual tension in the Twilight films by cheating on Pattison with the other male star of those dumb teen vampire flicks: “If I were her, I’d probably just say, ‘Screw it’ and sleep with Taylor Lautner while I had the chance,” Griffin told “Extra’s” Mario Lopez. “Go for it! Slut it up!”

Then, the crowning indignity, a great new coinage courtesy of Will Ferrell, who, amid mock tears on Conan O’Brien, christened Stewart a “trampire.”

At this point, it looks as if Stewart’s latest role as Snow White might be the acting stretch of the century. But given her current box-office clout, at least she’ll keep her job in the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman. 

The same can’t be said for her dopey would-be swain, Rupert Sanders. Not only has wife Liberty Ross told him he can forget about their marriage if he directs the follow-up, but it seems that Universal Studios is ready to move onto another director instead of rookie Sanders.

Big pay days, like passion, can be so fleeting…

(Eva Rinaldi photo of Kristen Stewart at the Snow White and the Huntsman movie premiere: Bondi Junction, Sydney Australia 2012)

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