Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quote of the Day (Sylvester Stallone, on Talking to His Muscles)

“Have you ever talked to your muscles? As you work out, and bring up the two dumbbells to your body, say ‘Grow!’ It’s what I call body dialogue, where I actually converse with certain parts of my body.”—Sylvester Stallone, Sly Moves

Faithful reader, have you ever heard of Celebrity Autobiography? I never had until I found it mentioned in April 10, 2009 issue of Entertainment Weekly. Evidently, it’s become quite the happening in the Big Apple, as various stars take turns reading from the memoirs of other celebrities.

The latter pensees reinforce something I’ve felt ever since that fine fellow Tom Hanks chose to deliver an acceptance speech he himself had written for Oscar night—i.e., never let an actor near a word processor!

The EW article, along with another I found in The New Yorker, provided an embarrassment of riches for me to choose from for my Quote of the Day, including from Madonna, Vanna White, Star Jones, Debbie Reynolds, and a spectacularly swinish comment by David Cassidy on Partridge Family co-star Susan Dey.

But for stupidity on steroids (a substance that the 60-year-old actor sampled in preparing for his last Rocky movie), none comes close to the above remark by Stallone.

Several years ago, a young woman of my acquaintance told me how disillusioned she was with a former boyfriend—his weight training in the gym, it seems, led her to conclude he was in love with nobody so much as himself. Over the last few years, the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez has shown similar signs of self-love. But for the greatest example of “The Greatest Love of All,” I can’t think of anyone to top Sly….

And to answer your question, Sly—no, I’ve never talked to my muscles. The second they'd answer back, I’d check myself into a loony bin—which is exactly where you should be for letting your thoughts on this topic out on a thoroughly unprepared world.

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