Monday, November 30, 2020

TV Quote of the Day (‘The Big Bang Theory,’ In Which Penny Takes Sheldon To Task)

Penny [played by Kaley Cuoco]: “Come on, Sheldon, you can’t move. Don’t you need to stay in one place so the mothership can find you when it returns?” —The Big Bang Theory, Season 3, Episode 13,The Bozeman Reaction,” original air date Jan. 18, 2010, teleplay by Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro, and Steve Holland, directed by Mark Cendrowski

Over the course of its 12 seasons, I believe, one of the most pleasant aspects of The Big Bang Theory was the growth of Kaley Cuoco in assurance and comic timing.

Today marks the 35th birthday of the actress. I have no idea how good her latest project, the HBO Max mini-series The Flight Attendant, might be. But I hope that it, or some other film or series in which she may become involved, may give her a similar high-profile outlet where she can equal or surpass her work on Chuck Lorre’s sitcom.

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