Thursday, October 2, 2014

TV Quote of the Day (‘The Big Bang Theory,’ With Howard on Ladies’ Night)

Howard Wolowitz (played by Simon Helberg): “If I may proffer a suggestion, in bars all across this great nation of ours, Thursday night is Ladies’ Night. Which means, as the evening progresses, we will get better looking courtesy of 99 cent margaritas and two-for-one Jell-O shots.”

Leonard Hofstadter (played by Johnny Galecki): “Come on, Howard, the odds of us picking up girls in a bar are practically zero.”

Howard: “Really? Are you familiar with the Drake Equation?”

Dr. Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons): “The one that estimates the odds of making contact with extraterrestrials by calculating the product of an increasingly restrictive series of fractional values such as those stars with planets, and those planets likely to develop life? N equals R times FP times NE times FL times FI times FC times L?”

Howard: “Yeah, that one. You can modify it to calculate our chances of having sex by changing the formula to use the number of single women in Los Angeles, the number of those who might find us attractive, and what I call the Wolowitz Coefficient.”

Raj Koothrappali (played by Kunal Nayyar): “The Wolowitz Coefficient?”

Howard: “Neediness times dress size squared. Crunching the numbers, I come up with a conservative 5,812 potential sex partners within a 40-mile radius.”

Leonard: “You’re joking.”

Howard: “I’m a horny engineer, Leonard. I never joke about math or sex.”—The Big Bang Theory, Series 2, Episode 20, “The Hofstadter Isotope,” original air date April 13, 2009, teleplay by David Goetsch, directed by Mark Cendrowski

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