Sunday, October 5, 2014

Photo of the Day: Pavilion, Alpine Boat Basin, NJ

The image accompanying this post is one of several that I took in mid-July at the Alpine Boat Basin, next to the Hudson River, not far from where I live in Bergen County, NJ.

On the Sunday when I visited, as you can see from the decorations festooning the windows, a party was being held in this open-air stone picnic pavilion. A number of such celebrations have taken place in this spot over the years. 

For instance, my oldest brother tells me that his class from the late, great St. Cecilia’s of Englewood had a party around the time of their graduation in the early 1970s in this spot. I strongly suspect the proceedings back then were a good deal more raucous than the calm, family-oriented family affair I saw three months ago.

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