Friday, October 17, 2014

Photo of the Day: The Pedestrian Experience, Chautauqua Institution

My experience of the Chautauqua Institution derives entirely from summer, since I visit this National Historic Landmark during that season, when its nine-week season of public affairs and arts programming is held. I imagine that, 2½ months since the last time I was there, the look of this gated community in the southwestern corner of New York State has changed with the coming of the fall foliage.

The other change, I would imagine, is how its streets feel, now that all the tourists have gone. When I snapped this shot back in the beginning of August, this was a pretty fair representation of how this community, which limits automobile access on the grounds, feels: thronged with people, either strolling leisurely or making its way from one event to another, but also largely in control of the environment there.

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