Saturday, April 28, 2018

Quote of the Day (Kim Gordon, on NYC in the 1980s)

“Now that I no longer live in New York, I don't know if I could ever move back. All that young-girl idealism is someone else's now. That city I know doesn’t exist anymore, and it’s more alive in my head than it is when I’m there.” —American musician, songwriter, and visual artist Kim Gordon, on 1980s New York, in Girl in a Band: A Memoir (2015)

Kim Gordon was born in Rochester, N.Y., 65 years ago today. The frontwoman of Sonic Youth, she has, in recent years, following her divorce from bandmate Thurston Moore, lived in Los Angeles. But New York City—or, at least, the one she remembers—retains, it’s clear to see, an enormous claim on this rock 'n' roller's rebel spirit.

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