Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Quote of the Day (Christopher Morley, on Books’ ‘Instant and Irresistible’ Appeal)

“A queer thing about books, if you open your heart to them, is the instant and irresistible way they follow you with their appeal. You know at once, if you are clairvoyant in these matters (libre-voyant, one might say), when you have met your book. You may dally and evade, you may go on about your affairs, but the paragraph of prose your eye fell upon, or the snatch of verses, or perhaps only the spirit and flavour of the volume, more divined than reasonably noted, will follow you. A few lines glimpsed on a page may alter your whole trend of thought for the day, reverse the currents of the mind, change the profile of the city.” — American journalist, novelist, essayist and poet Christopher Morley (1890-1957), “On Visiting Bookshops,” in Pipefuls (1920)

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