Saturday, April 28, 2018

Photo of the Day: ‘Vessel,’ Hudson Yards, NYC

Several weeks ago, on a tour of the Hudson Yards project now taking shape in Manhattan, I viewed from the south, through an atrium, this massive sculpture. I was so taken by it that last weekend, on a quick walk back to the area, I took this shot, from street level from the north, of “The Vessel.”

As you see, British designer Thomas Heatherwick created this piece of public art (at the center of the skyscrapers) in the shape of a honeycomb. 

But, while Heatherwick has compared it with the Eiffel Tower, this, unlike that French iconic structure, is meant to be climbed—154 interconnecting flights of stairs and 80 landings, or, in effect, a mile-long open, walkable latticework.

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