Monday, April 2, 2018

Quote of the Day (John Oliver, on What Film Genre He Would Be In Other Than Comedy)

“Probably some kind of English period drama where people talk a lot but don’t talk about how they feel — some movie version of Downton Abbey. Class-wise, I am of peasant stock, so I would very much be the downstairs worker there, where I’m getting shouted at by an expensively dressed man. I see myself as a kind of bedraggled kitchen staffer being slapped across the face because the soup is cold and Master is angry.” —Last Week Tonight host John Oliver, asked “If you were in a film genre other than comedy, what would it be?,” in  Stupid Questions With John Oliver” (interviewed by Ray Rahman), Entertainment Weekly, Feb. 17, 2017

(Photograph of John Oliver from February 2008, by Ted Kerwin.)

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