Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Funniest Thing I Saw This Weekend

Baby boomers have really gone all in for Halloween, if Bergen County, NJ, where I live, is any indication. The costume figure with the orange hair (which goes nicely with pumpkins all around, doesn’t it?) can be seen—at least for the next several days—on a front lawn in Tenafly, the town north of where I live. At his feet is a sign: “DIPLOMA—Trump U Global Affairs Studies.”

The owner of the house where this figure stands is a Democrat, I suspect. Just a hunch, derived from the Donald Trump figure standing next to another display, showing a blonde and a heavy-set fellow, both behind bars, with a sign reading: “FEDERAL PENITENTIARY: Time 4 Some ‘Jail Problems’ in Fort Lee.”

With Halloween nearly here, I’ve been reading a fair amount  of horror fiction the last week or so, but none of it is as scary as what I read here, in this post by Kristin Salaky from the blog “Talking Points Memo” earlier this month:

“An Indiana man is under fire for creating a parade float that depicts Hillary Clinton in an electric chair with Donald Trump pulling the trigger, local TV station WCPO reported Monday.

“The float, which debuted at the Aurora Farmer’s Fair in Aurora, Indiana, had a lot going on. It featured not only a mock execution of Clinton by Trump, but also an Easter Island head painted black and identified as President Barack Obama, a sign listing some of Clinton's scandals and insults against her, and a Trump/Pence campaign sign (Trump's running mate Mike Pence is the governor of Indiana).”

That explains much about the level of emotion this election year, doesn’t it?

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