Monday, November 21, 2016

TV Quote of the Day (‘Gilmore Girls,’ on What Lorelai Will Do to Impress a Cute Guy)

[Sookie is frosting a cake, with Lorelai sitting next to her.]

Lorelai (played by Lauren Graham): “Dumb, dumb, dumb.”

Sookie (played by Melissa McCarthy): “Oh, come on.”

Lorelai: “Sure, I fish. I also bodysurf and walk on the moon without a space suit.”

Sookie: “You were trying to impress him.”

Lorelai: “Ugh.”

Sookie: “What ugh? You like him.”

Lorelai: “I like him, but I’m not sixteen. I don’t lie to guys to make them like me. I just got stuck when he said fishing and camping, and I was trying to be nice and not say, ‘Fishing? Great – cold, wet, and smelly. My three favorite things after those witches from Macbeth.’”—Gilmore Girls, Lorelai Out of Water,” Season 3, Episode 12, original air date  Jan. 28, 2003, teleplay by Janet Leahy, directed by Jamie Babbit

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