Sunday, December 15, 2013

Quote of the Day (Robert Cording, on How Jesus Will ‘Love Us in Our Weakness’)

“And will you intercede with sighs too deep for words
Because you love us in our weakness, because

You love always, suddenly and completely, what is
In front of you, whether it is a lake or leper.

Because you come again and again to destroy the God
We keep making in our own image. Will we learn

To pray: May our hearts be broken open. Will we learn
To prepare a space in which you might come forth,

In which, like a bolt of winter solstice light,
You might enter the opening in the stones, lighting

Our dark tumulus from beginning to end?”—Robert Cording, from “Advent Stanzas,” in The Best Spiritual Writing 2005, edited by Philip Zaleski (2005)

(The image accompanying this post is Nativity, a fresco from the early 1440s by Fra Angelica in San Marco, Italy.)

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