Sunday, December 8, 2013

Quote of the Day (Psalms, on God’s Justice ‘From the River to the Ends of the Earth’)

“May they fear you as long as the sun
    and as long as the moon, generations untold.
May he come down like rain on new-mown grass,
    like showers that moisten the earth.
May the just man flourish in his days—
    and abundant peace till the moon is no more.
And may he hold sway from sea to sea,
    from the River to the ends of the earth.”—Psalms 72: 5-8, in The Book of Psalms: A Translation With Commentary, by Robert Alter (2007)

(I took this photograph a few weeks ago at Nyack Beach State Park, along the banks of the Hudson River, in Rockland County, NY.)

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