Friday, December 20, 2013

Photo of the Day: Fox News Reindeer

I snapped this shot yesterday afternoon while braving the crowds to do some Christmas shopping. At first, I thought of headlining this “Rockefeller Reindeer”— alliterative, you know? Then the literalist who often spoils my enjoyment of movies and TV began to whisper in my ear that if I really wanted to be technical, the "reindeer" were on the property of Fox News.

It was not until early tonight, as I considered the artistic creation in this photo, that I was struck by the white glow of these figures. It was the first time I’ve ever seen white reindeer. Hmmm…could Megyn Kelly have consulted on this display?

The blond newscaster’s claim that Santa Claus was white reminded me of a 1971 Christmas episode of All in the Family, when Archie Bunker insisted on the same point. “Yeah, well, when I was a kid,” vehemently pointed out Henry Jefferson, brother of his new African-American neighbor, “the man filling my stocking was black.”

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