Sunday, November 17, 2013

Quote of the Day (Dorothy Day, on How ‘God Meant Things To Be Much Easier’)

“We are not expecting utopia here on this earth. But God meant things to be much easier than we have made them. A man has a natural right to food, clothing, and shelter. A certain amount of goods is necessary to lead a good life. A family needs work as well as bread. Property is proper to man. We must keep repeating these things. Eternal life begins now. ‘All the way to heaven is heaven, because He said, “I am the Way.” The cross is there, of course, but ‘in the cross is joy of spirit.’ And love makes all things easy. If we are putting off the old man and putting on Christ, then we are walking in love, and love is what we all want. But it is hard to love, from the human standpoint and from the divine standpoint, in a two-room apartment. We are eminently practical, realistic.”—Dorothy Day, On Pilgrimage (1948)

(Thanks to Keara O’Dempsey for bringing this quote to my attention.)

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