Sunday, November 3, 2013

Photo of the Day: View From Stands, Winton White Stadium, Englewood NJ

Thirty-five to 45 years ago, on a typical Sunday in fall, I’d watch the football team from my high school, St. Cecilia of Englewood, NJ, from this vantage point of the stadium. At that time, the stands were packed, as you might expect from a school that looked back to Vince Lombardi for its football tradition.

Saints has been closed for nearly three decades now, and the public high school that permitted use of the stadium, Dwight Morrow, plays its football games on Saturdays. That leaves the stands with a far quieter feeling than it had years ago. An ideal time, perhaps, to take in the surroundings on a glorious Sunday when the temperatures were crisp and the landscape was still glorious.

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JohnG said...

Thanksgiving Day rivals. DMHS vs. Saints. What memories!