Friday, September 9, 2011

Quote of the Day (Elena Passarello, on Origins of Catchy Tunes)

“The basic concepts of today’s pop lyrics – simple structures, systems of clichés, lowbrow rhyming patterns – did not begin with ‘Rock Around the Clock.’ Ever since the invention of the lyric, catchiness – the ability to not just stick but cling to the listener’s brain – has been a part of its very definition. Contemporary lyrics have evolved from this ancient tradition, a practice as old as language itself. As listeners, we have evolved, as well, having sprung from a primal system of needs: for the chant, for the identifiable image, as well as for the basic, pulsing rhythm that will encourage our crops to grow.”--Elena Passarello, “Ramalamadingdong,” Creative Nonfiction, Issue 17, “Between the Lines”

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