Monday, June 19, 2017

TV Quote of the Day (‘The Big Bang Theory,’ As Leonard Does ‘The Walk of Shame’)

[Scene: The car of Mrs. Latham, a university philanthropist of a certain age, who has more than charitable contributions in mind.]

Mrs. Latham [played by Jessica Walter]: “You’re a very handsome man, Leonard.”

Leonard Hofstadter (played by Johnny Galecki): “Thank you.”

Mrs. Latham: “It was foolish of me to think someone your age might ever be interested in someone like me.”

Leonard: “Oh, don’t say that. You’re a very attractive woman.”

Mrs. Latham: “Oh, please.”

Leonard: “No, it’s true.”

Mrs. Latham: “Well, aren’t you sweet. Just for the record, you’d remember a night with me for the rest of your life.”

Leonard: “I’m sure I would. But why, why, exactly?”

Mrs. Latham: “You’re a very smart man. How do you think I landed such a rich husband?”

Leonard: “I hadn’t really given it much thought.”

Mrs. Latham: “Well, think about it.”

Leonard: “Do you mean…?”

Mrs. Latham: “Yep. I’m that good.”

Leonard: “Oh, what the hell!” [They kiss.]

[Cut to: The stairwell to the apartment of Leonard, who staggers up with hair disheveled, tie askew, and glasses steamed.]

Penny (his neighbor and ex-girlfriend, played by Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting: [emerging from her apartment, giggling, to Leonard] “Good morning, slut!”

Leonard: “What?”

Penny: “Oh please, I recognize the walk of shame when I see it. All you're missing is a little smeared mascara and a purse with panties wadded up in it.” — The Big Bang Theory, Season 4, Episode 15, “The Benefactor Factor,” original air date Feb. 10, 2011, teleplay by Chuck Lorre, Eric Kaplan and Steve Holland, directed by Mark Cendrowski

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