Friday, June 30, 2017

Quote of the Day (Frank Isola, on the Knicks’ Phil Jackson—Awkward, Arrogant, Then Gone)

“The job of an NBA executive is about fostering relationships yet [fired New York Knicks President Phil] Jackson, socially uncomfortable to begin with, didn't have many friends in NBA circles other than some of his former players, John Paxson, B.J. Armstrong and Kerr. He didn't like dealing with player agents, which is also essential to the job.

“And when the Knicks started losing and losing big, opposing teams took satisfaction in watching Jackson, who was cocksure and arrogant as a head coach when he had Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, struggle to cope with no longer being invincible.”—Frank Isola, “Inside Phil Jackson’s Tumultuous Three Years as Knicks President,” The New York Daily News, June 29, 2017

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