Friday, July 29, 2016

TV Quote of the Day (‘Cheers,’ as Lilith Explains ‘Bad Boy’ Sam)

[Dr. Lilith Sternin goes on a TV talk show to promote her book, “Good Girls/Bad Boys.” Husband Frasier Crane and friend Sam Malone sit in the audience to support her, then, when Lilith identifies them as respective examples of the male types in her book, they are called to the stage by the talk-show’s host.)

Brenda Balzak, talk show host (played by Phyllis Katz): "What does Sam [Malone] look like with his shirt off?"

Women in the audience (chanting):  “Shirt!  Shirt!  Shirt!  Shirt!”

Brenda: “Now let’s get hold of ourselves.”

Dr. Lilith Sternin (played by Bebe Neuwirth) (to Brenda): “Now, this is the perfect example of what a bad boy like Sam can do to a roomful of good girls like these fine women.” (Her eyes lock on Sam) “One can't help but be attracted to his steely glance and the strength therein, to imagine” (her gaze grows more intense, her voice slower and hoarser) “the warmth of his skin against ours, his arms pinning us down so we can't move.” (She's losing it; Sam sees it and starts looking nervous.) “One sees his full lips and imagines what they must feel like” (pause) “slightly moist” (another pause) “tugging at ours, before long one's feeling a little dizzy, and… For God's sake, Sam!  Let the buttons fly!” (Lilith launches herself at Sam's chest and begins tearing at his shirt.)— Cheers, Season 8, Episode 18, “Severe Crane Damage,” original air date Feb. 15, 1990, teleplay by Dan O'Shannon and Tom Anderson, directed by Andy Ackerman

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