Friday, June 24, 2016

Photo of the Day: Last ‘Idol,’ at Fox Summer Concert Series

This morning, I stopped across the street from my job at Rockefeller Center to see the latest performer at Fox News’ “All American Summer Concert Series.”

Over the years, I’ve recognized a fair number of these acts (e.g., the Doobie Brothers, Sara Evans). But today’s left me completely at a loss. I asked several people in the crowd who it was. They, too, did not know.

Finally, I met someone who seemed to know what he was talking about. The act onstage had appeared on American Idol.  

That helped, but only to some extent. Over the past decade or so of American Idol, I had only become familiar with about a half-dozen acts from the show. (One of these, Clay Aiken, I caught in concert, at Chautauqua Institutution in upstate New York. I vowed never to waste my time on him again.)

I listened to the performance on the Fox stage for a bit, then later, when I got home, investigated a bit further. The performer had been Trent Harmon, and he was not just an American Idol contestant, but the last one in the series to be crowned winner.

He didn't sound half-bad. Not a bad way for the show to go out.

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poisnivyred said...

Thanks for your comments on Trent Harmon, I'm a big fan of American Idol and he is truly one of the best singers to ever appear on the show. I hope you will check out his album when it is released this fall!