Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Quote of the Day (Gillian Anderson, on How ‘Damaged Characters Resonate With Me’)

“I'm damaged in many ways. And yet a lot of what my fight is about is pushing through that to live a meaningful, sane existence and make a difference and play to my strengths. So I think damaged characters resonate with me. It might be the one area where I get to reveal those aspects of myself because the rest of the time I'm caught up in being this responsible mother of three children and the activist and the author and the blaaaah. All that stuff. And so it’s like the little hole at the top of the brown-rice pot that lets the steam through.”—Actress Gillian Anderson (The X-Files and, more recently onstage, A Streetcar Named Desire) quoted in Sophia Hollander, “Reviving Blanche DuBois in Brooklyn,” The Wall Street Journal, Apr. 30-May 1, 2016

(Photo of Gillian Anderson accompanying this post was taken at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, Aug. 25, 2012, by GabboT.)

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