Sunday, May 1, 2016

Photo of the Day: Trout Fishing, Garfield NJ

Admittedly, “trout fishing” is not the phrase that springs to mind when I think of Garfield, a city on the western edge of Bergen County, NJ, with a gritty industrial past that has left a residue in the form of chromium water contamination from a spill at its E.C. Electroplating Corporation site.

But in driving past a few years ago, I noticed how the area along the Passaic River had been cleaned up (something I discussed in this prior post). And, from working in the city more than a quarter century ago, I recalled a park a few blocks away.

The 10-acre Dahnert's Lake County Park, along Midland Avenue, is stocked with trout beginning the second week of April. I took this photograph of one optimistic fisherman there a week ago.

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