Saturday, February 6, 2016

Photo of the Day: Winter in Washington Heights, NYC

You may have been expecting something exhibiting more urban grittiness when you came to the end of the headline above. But J. Hood Wright Park, in upper Manhattan, provides some much-needed green space, particularly on a muggy summer day (an experience I chronicled in this prior post).

Early this afternoon, on my way to a nearby subway, I wondered what this comparatively small city park looked like in winter. Nowhere near as much snow had fallen on Friday as right after Storm Jonas, I reckoned.

But this most flurry of snow did blanket the ground in white, as you can see. Kids couldn’t congregate in the playground and people of all ages couldn’t sit on park benches that remained wet and cold.

But for anyone who wanted (particularly dog-loving walkers), the track offered a chance to get some exercise. And it’s hard to beat the backdrop: the mighty George Washington Bridge.

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