Sunday, February 21, 2016

Photo of the Day: ‘Confucius Says’ (Many Times, in Times Square)

As I was passing through Times Square on the way home from work late Friday afternoon, I was surprised to see rows and rows of what, at first glance, to my untrained eye, appeared to be one of the Seven Dwarfs, multiplied many times over. It was only when I looked for an identifying sign that I saw the title “Hello Kongzi.” But it wasn’t till I got home that I learned that this was part of an ongoing cultural co-organized by Shandong Tourism Bureau and Shenzhen Broad Link Culture and Creative.

More to the point, I found out from an article in China Daily, the figures I saw were not a single dwarf replicated many times over, but 3D cartoon representations of the great ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius. (The cute statues, if you are interested—and I certainly was—were fabricated by Lucas Strzalec and Nick Pan.)

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