Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Photo of the Day: Metropolis of the Dead: Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn

A friend’s recent photos of a recent trip to Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery prompted me to go back to my own vast cache of pictures taken in this National Historic Landmark over a year and a half ago. While my images are not as lovely as my friend’s, they do record the great variety in this place.

Even so, what I photographed conveys only a fraction of this 478-acre pastoral setting. The than 560,000 “permanent residents” here would make this a good-sized city in its own right, and a necropolis of enormous size. 

I was only able to get to a mere handful of the more famous "residents" in the two hours I spent at the site. This photograph illustrates the only real way to see more of that, if you don’t have a car (as I did not when I went there): Take the Wednesday bus tour. But be sure to sign up in advance. I checked the cemetery's Website the other night, and that trolley tour was already full.

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