Friday, March 20, 2015

Photo of the Day: Snow on the FIRST DAY OF SPRING???!!!!

Exactly two weeks ago today, I titled one of my posts, “Last (Major) Snowfall of 2015?” The number of hits I received for that was among the highest on this blog for photos in the last several months, reflecting readers’ (as well as my own) eagerness for the snow, ice and cold of this past winter to be gone already.

The question in that headline, though, also demonstrated well-earned pessimism about the tenacity of this same season—and sure enough, by the time I got home from work tonight, a fair amount of snow had fallen, clinging to the ground and trees, as you can see from this photo I took at Veterans Memorial Park here in Englewood, N.J.. 

Oh, it wasn’t much—maybe two to three inches, here by me—but it was enough to annoy us, to induce extra careful caution, to dig out the salt and shovels after we thought we had put them away for good—and, for the more elderly (and vulnerable), to be pushed inside, at a point when the calendar says they should have been out enjoying this, the first day of spring.

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