Friday, February 6, 2015

TV Quote of the Day (‘Taxi,’ In Which Jim Shows the Greatness of Louie’s Drivers)

(Fearing he risks a lawsuit for having accidentally run over the elderly Edith Tremaine, Louie De Palma takes her around the Sunshine Taxi Company in her wheelchair.)

Louie (played by Danny DeVito): “As I was saying, all our drivers are chosen for their intelligence, their maturity…”

“Reverend Jim” Ignatowski (played by Christopher Lloyd) (walking over, in full burnt-out, space-cadet mode, complete with the same blue jeans and denim jacket he never seems to change, suddenly addressing Edith): “Excuse me…Do you know how many jelly beans I can hold in my mouth at one time?”

Edith (played by Iris Korn): “No, I don’t.”

Jim (walking away grumpily): “Well, I’ll have to find out somewhere else.”
Louie (to Edith): “And as you can see, we also hire those less fortunate than ourselves.” —Taxi, Season 3, Episode 16, “Louie Bumps Into an Old Lady,” original air date April 16, 1981, teleplay by David Lloyd, directed by James Burrows

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Unknown said...

LOLOLOL.....I just Googled this.....and rememberred it PERFECTLY, as it is my favorite episode EVER!!! To this day!