Saturday, March 1, 2014

Quote of the Day (Alan Arkin, on Acting)

“What I didn't understand at the time was that there is nothing special whatsoever in the craft of acting. Acting can be anything one wants it to be, from the most crass, dead, ego-driven activity, used as a way of earning an easy living or finding women, on the one end, to something sublime, magical, and transforming on the other. And the difference, the only difference, is the investment made by the person who's engaged in the process."—Alan Arkin, An Improvised Life: A Memoir (2011)

(The image accompanying this post is a still photo, taken by Werner J. Kuhn, showing the Academy Award-winning Alan Arkin early in his career, when he was appearing in the Broadway play, Enter Laughing, in 1963.)

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