Saturday, June 22, 2013

Photo of the Day: Yoga on the Summer Solstice

Late yesterday afternoon, on the first day of summer, I passed by Duffy Square in midtown Manhattan and beheld the largest crowd there since—well, since Brad Pitt came out to promote World War Z.

At this particular event, someone named Colleen Saidman Lee led the throng you see here—and more—in various Yoga exercises.

I have to say that I tried these on another occasion. Once. Boy, did it hurt

But all that stretching of parts of my body I never knew I had was nowhere near as arduous and painful as what I was about to endure on my commute home through the Lincoln Tunnel—the second time in less than a week that exhaustion and frustration have been inflicted on thousands of commuters like myself, going in and out New York.

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