Monday, December 14, 2020

TV Quote of the Day (SNL, on ‘Sportsmax,' ‘The Network for Real Jets Fans’)

Voiceover: "Millions of real Americans are switching from Fox News to Newsmax, because Newsmax tells them the truth: that Donald Trump could still win this election. And because of our recent success, we’re launching Sportsmax. Sportsmax is the network for real Jets fans, giving you the truth about America’s favorite football team…. Finally a network that understands that real fans don't give up on their team, no matter what!"

Sportsmax anchor Robert King [played by Alex Moffat]: " It's been reported that on November 29, the Jets lost to the Dolphins, 20-3…"

Sportsmax “expert” Deluca [played by Timothy Chalamet, wearing a Jets sweatshirt and a goofy moustache]: "Lost? Says who?"

King: "I mean, that's how they scored it."

Sportsmax “expert” Delvechio [played by Pete Davidson, also in a Jets sweatshirt and a goofy moustache]: [jumping in, while munching on camera]: "Oh, who did the scoring?"

King: "The NFL."

Deluca and Delvechio [sarcastically, throwing their hands up]: "Ohhhhh, OK! The NFL!"

Deluca [yelling]: "Listen: I have in my hand right here, sworn affidavits from 500 Jets fans who swear they witnessed the Jets win!"

Delvechio: "Let me tell you something: There's eight million Jets fans out there. Eight million. They have nothing to gain by lying about this."

Deluca: “Hold on, hold on. You gonna tell me [pounding the table] eight million hard-working fans didn’t actually see the Jets beat the Dolphins 90 to 0?”—Saturday Night Live, Season 46, Episode 8, original air date Dec. 12, 2020, “Sportsmax” skit

The general practice of Saturday Night Live has been to put the best sketches towards the front of the show. This past weekend, however, they abandoned the practice, at least temporarily.

Much of the humor in this episode was hit-or-miss. But this particular skit consistently scored—unlike the Jets this season.

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